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Mission and Philosophy


HC purpose is to assist every patient to achieve a state of optimal dental and oral health personally appropriate for each patient or client. Dental Hygienist will use critical thinking skills to incorporate evidence-based knowledge into client care, and will value the importance of lifelong Dental Hygiene professional learning. Dental Hygienist will practise ethically and responsibly according to the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (CDHO) practice standards and the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) code of ethics.


Bill 171 passed September 1st, 2007 amending the Dental Hygiene Act 1991 permitting dental hygienists to treat clients in alternative environments, being independent dental hygiene practices it gives the client the opportunity for freedom of choice to visit the dental hygienist of preference while maintaining professional contact with his or her dentist.


When introducing the Bill in the Ontario Legislature, the Hon. George Smitherman stated that the goals of the Bill were to “…ensure we give the people of this province greater access to more health care professions, usher in a new era in public health, better protect public safety, and bring more accountability and transparency to the system.”


HC distribute comprehensive personalized preventive oral hygiene care and education to all clients with or without insurance. Dental Hygienist focus will be on prevention, linking oral health with general health and establishing an individualized home care program.


In order to be able to treat each patient in a safe and effective manner, we require a dental history and medical history to be completed in addition to the New Patient Information Form.  If a patient is unable to complete the forms by themselves, a parent, guardian, adult child or power of attorney may complete it for them and sign it.


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